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Pre Matrimonial Verification

As we all aware about the fact that in this cut through environment marriages are very fragile to be maintained. The facts are not shown completely to the prospective alliances. Resulting to it the marriage ends by the way of divorce. 

We provide services for pre marital verification. We not only confirm the details provided by the other party, but also provide with a detailed analysis of the prospective bride /groom. 
1. Relations with other men / women 

2. Financial Status

3. Employment / Business Details

4. Concealed previous Marriage / Divorce
5. Criminal Activity

6. Drug / Alcohol Abuse

Post Matrimonial Verification

There are some marital alliances breakdown due to suspicion and many more due to lack of suspicion. Either way we need to either confirm these suspicions or reject them.
SPYFOX DETECTIVES PRIVATE LIMITED will help you do the needful. Many marital alliances develop problems due to the suspected activities of life partners. Information is also required for litigation support in respect of divorce proceedings as under: 
1. Extra marital affairs.

2. Daily routine, during and after job of the spouse.

3. Employment details for alimonies decision.





When left to doubt, these suspected activities become a constant source of conflict in their life and often leads to depression and desperation. Our investigations have helped save many marriages by providing authentic information about lack of any affair or timely confrontation by the spouse about an affair.